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Horsetail is a delicate, unassuming plant that rapidly spreads and has the potential to cause damage to hard surfaces and other landscaped areas. The thin waxy leaves repel water and as such it is difficult to treat with traditional herbicides such as Glyphosate. Specialist treatment is required to achieve effective results.


Horsetail is a perennial with deep root systems that are incredibly difficult to see. This species often encroaches from neighbouring sites.  Non-chemical controls are labour intensive and are generally not effective, but whichever treatment you choose, it to take a number of years to be effective. It’s also worth noting that Horsetail has been around for thousands of years, so it is here to stay!

“Thanks again to The LK Group for helping us with the Japanese Knotweed and Horsetail at our Liverpool site. Totally reliable, they come up with the best remediation options available and get the job done.”

Gary Humphreys, Senior Engineer, Keepmoat Homes

Horsetail is distinctive in appearance but as with all invasive plant species its appearance varies greatly depending on its stage in the growth cycle During the early growth stage it looks similar to asparagus tips, with a brown bud at the tip. However it quickly unfurls its leaves to expose fine solid leaves similar to a miniature Christmas tree. Give one of our specialists a call for further advice or help