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Himalayan Balsam

Although very attractive in appearance, Himalayan Balsam is a pest and one of the most rapidly spreading Invasive weeds in the UK. Each plant has the ability to spread over 7 metres every season, making it difficult to eradicate without a coordinated approach, particularly around rivers and water courses. This species often takes hold following the treatment of Japanese Knotweed.


“Dealing with Japanese Knotweed can be an unwelcome necessity on some sites, yet Conor and the team have made the whole process as pain-free as possible for us. We certainly wouldn’t hesitate to use The LK Group again on future sites.”

Paul Sinclair, Technical Director, Redrow Homes

The plant can produce little pink flowers throughout the growing season and each plant has the potential to release up to 2,500 seeds. The seeds are easily distributed by water, which goes some way towards explaining the extensive stands alongside rivers. One of the most effective methods of treatment can be manual cutting before the flower and seed pod matures, however it is time consuming and can take longer the a herbicide treatment programme. For further treatment methods please contact one of our Invasive Plant experts.